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This girl that I'm so sick of

This girl that I don't love

6 January
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The name would be Lindsey/ Louki / Dave Big Gob/ Linda (delete as applicable)

I'm a bit of a twat really. I say things I shouldn't say and I'm never really nice to people. But I like being me, being me is rather fun. I'm enjoying it so far. I don't fit into most social settings, I'm too immature, communicative and impulsive. That gets me into trouble. However, this does not mean I am some form of social retard, oh no no no, far from it, it just means i'm a bit of a spacker.

I can be quite placid at first, I have to watch people to know how to react to them. Every now and again i'll say something funny, But the rest of the time I just act like a spaz.

I just contradicted myself

Also I swear alot. I can turn it off but I tend not to bother

Random shit

I can't touch velvet, my ears are mental, I look sad all the time, I can't paint my own nails, I have a ticklish forehead, My hobby is making people laugh, I try to make everything fun, I don't have much confidence, everytime I eat jacket potatoes I vomit, I can't look people in the eyes, I'm an optimist, I like 80s music, I like to think about monkeys, I'm shit at giving compliments, I'm shit at receiving compliments, I once thought Cliff Richard was my granddad, my teeth are awful, my favorite day is Thursday, I'm joe brands body double most wednesdays ay 5pm, I call my mother Tina because thats her name, I'm rather fond of mallards.

Half of my friends think i'm insane, the other half are insane. My friends are all different to each other, so more interesting. I love them all, if I didn't they wouldn't be my friends.


If I can find time between taking crack, having abortions and beating up pensioners I go to university and study media and art (there is a more fancy name for my course, but I cant actually remember what it is at the moment).
Its great fun anyway and Im having a nice time. tra la la.

I'm not the normal type of girl. But then everyone say's that, don't they? Ok, well, for the moment let's pretend we're individuals. Some day's I want to wear converse, other day's I want to wear huge Eskimo boots.
No, I'm not having an identity crisis, i'm being me, you clods

You can hate me if you like, you can think I'm a retard and want to set me on fire; chances are I'll still like you. I don't hate anyone, but I dislike people who are all judgemental and shit, but then i'm just as bad as everyone else. I'd like to think I'm good at reading people but I'm not really, I'm useless. Tell me you're the pope and I'll probably believe you. I enjoy doing what I do, it entertains me

I'm special

special needs

I have all my limbs and a torso. Not to mention a head.

Sometimes I like to cover my limbs and the such in a new invention called 'clothing'. I know, it sounds crazy, but honestly, everyone's doing it now a days
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